Green Earth Poultry

Raising high quality poultry, strengthening our community, and regenerating the Earth.


Who We Are

We are a collaborative of small farmers in Colrain, Greenfield, and Sunderland that are raising healthy and nutrient-dense poultry meat.

Regenerative and sustainable farming aren’t just buzz words to us.
 We are changing the way food is produced.

Our Chicken

Healthy food comes from animals that live happy, healthy lives.

That’s why our chickens live on pasture in large, open-air paddocks as soon as they are feathered out and we move them regularly – they always have access to fresh forage and bugs.

Where to Buy

We sell direct from our farms and can be found at farm stands and grocery stores. 


We Want to Hear From You

Questions?  Comments?  Just want to say “Hello”?